This year, Lebanon High School created its first official girls wrestling team. Previously, wrestling was a co-ed sport, which means that girls and boys were on a team together. 

It was many of the girls’ first year trying out wrestling, but they said that it was a great way to create new friendships and challenge themselves. 

“I got to know the coaches and my teammates and I had the chance to cheer them on. Next year I am looking forward to really pushing myself to be the best I can possibly be. I actually decided to join wrestling because the twins and Emerson’s mom talked me into it while doing my hair. I thought that I would at least try it because I do not do anything in the Winter and I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone while making friends along the way,” said junior Kate Mayner.

“I was surrounded by an amazing group of people and we improved as team, and individually. I am looking forward to new opportunities next season and hopefully I can improve even more. I started talking about wrestling as a joke, but then I realized that I missed being involved in a sport. My close friends were all on the team and encouraged me to try it, so I did. I ended up really liking it when I started going to post season open mats last year which is why I decided to join,” said junior Bethany Wilson. 

“The best part of the season for me was when I got second at a tournament. I had hurt a knee but I pushed through to the last match and won. I had never felt more accomplished or proud of myself. I was peer pressured into tory it. I need something else to do and wrestling seemed different from any other sport I had done so I went for it, and I am glad that I did,” said freshmen Bethany Degraw. 

“The best part about wrestling was getting close with my teammates, coaches, and the parents. I am looking forward to next year because I miss it and my team. I play volleyball with one of the people on the team, and she was also wrestling at the time. Her dad, Mike, kept saying I should join every time I saw him so I decided to give it a chance and I fell in love with the sport,” said freshman Grace Merchant. 

Emerson Wolfbrandt, and her two twin sisters, Jazlyn and Taylor Gramlin wrestled together this year. Their father, Mike, helps to coach them. 

“The best part of this season was getting to wrestle with a supportive group of girls who all push each other. I am most looking forward to seeing everyone’s improvements from this season on the mat to the next, including my own. I originally got into wrestling my 8th grade year by being a wrestling manager and then freshman year trying it out for myself with the help of Lexi Bernal,” said Wolfbrandt. 

“The best part of the season was all the friendships I made with the girls, along with how supportive our entire team was. I am looking forward to becoming a better wrestler next year. I joined because of my dad and my sisters,” said Jazlyn Gramlin. 

“I got to watch my twin sister go to state her first year of wrestling which was the best part of the season. I am looking forward to actually getting to wrestle since I had a major injury this year and could not participate. I started wrestling because I watched my older sister do it, and she inspired me to do it my freshman year and I loved it so I stuck with it,” said Taylor Gramlin. 

“It is hard to choose just one part of the season as my favorite, but it would probably be state. We had a crazy amount of support in the stands and I even placed second. Next year I am looking forward to adding more girls to the team and hopefully winning state. I started wrestling because my friends and the coaches convinced me that it would be fun. They were all so supportive and believed in me, so I gave it a shot,” said junior Gracie Brandt. 

“My favorite part was how much our team grew in numbers and together as a family. I am looking forward to how we will continue to grow and have a lot of off-season opportunities to get stronger. It felt awesome to win state and the work everyone put in paid off. I have never played a competitive sport before so I started it as a joke, but as time went on, I fell in love with the sport,” said state winner Sarah Huse.