As Frost Fest week came to a close on Friday February 14th, it was time to crown the Frost Fest Prince and Princess. The crowning took place during half time of the boys’ varsity basketball game.

Every year a sophomore boy and girl are crowned Frost Fest prince and princess. After the court is announced, each member unwraps a flower. The winner receives and blue flower and the rest of the court receives a white flower. This year the Frost Fest Prince was Toby Meyer and the Frost Fest Princess was Jazlyn Gramlin.

Toby Meyer is on the men’s golf team at LHS. He will also be a reporter for the Pennant next school year.

Jazlyn Gramlin is a varsity cheerleader and a member of the women’s wrestling team at LHS. She is also involved with Best Buddies.

Meyer and Gramlin both shared how they felt about being on court and after the results were announced on Friday night when they were crowned the 2020 prince and princess.

“My first reaction was pretty chill. It was one of those moments where a lot is going on and you are not really thinking clearly,” said Meyer.

“At first I was confused by my flower color, but then I was so excited by winning,” said Gramlin.

Meyer and Gramlin both shared their favorite parts about being a member of the 2020 Frost Fest court.

“My favorite part about being on court was knowing that my classmates voted me on and that felt really good,” said Meyer.

“The best part about being on court was getting to dress up and I loved seeing everyone in their outfits,” said Gramlin.

It is a common desire to be crowned at the end of Friday night, but Meyer and Gramlin talked about their preference on winning.

“I mean yes I wanted to win, but I personally thought everyone deserved to win. I was so excited when I found out I had won because it was such an honor,” said Gramlin.

“Of course, I wanted to win, but for me at least, it was not about winning,” said Meyer.

Participating on Frost Fest court is an honor that would be enjoyable for many people. Meyer and Gramlin shared advice for any future sophomores that get chosen for court.

“My advice would be making sure to take it all in and be very thankful to be a part of it without taking it for granted,” said Meyer.

“Just be yourself and if you get voted on the court be proud because it is an honor to be nominated by your peers,” said Gramlin.