On Saturday, students from both band and Charisma represented LHS at large-scale competitions. The results, according to those who participated, were overwhelmingly positive.

Certain band members attended the Solo & Ensemble state competition, which was held at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Among these band members was junior Jordan Hines, who played tenor saxophone with the saxophone choir.

“It took a lot of practice and a lot of work to get to state, but I think it was worth it. We had a good performance, and I am pretty happy with the result,” said Hines.

It did indeed take a lot of work to get to this competition, as players had to enter the previous Solo & Ensemble event (held at Avon High School) at Group 1, which is the highest level, in order to even qualify for state. On top of that, players had to receive a gold medal to move on to state.

Freshman Evan Whipkey, a flugelhorn soloist who competed on Saturday, also believed his performance to be extremely positive.

“I had been practicing this flugelhorn piece for months and it was all for this one performance, but I got gold at state so I think it definitely paid off in the end,” said Whipkey.

The Charisma competition held on Saturday at Lafayette Jefferson was the final competition of the season. Junior Leah Kerkhoff was more than content with the outcome.

“This competition was our last one of the season, so it was important to us,” Kerkhoff said. “We ended up placing fourth out of six, but we improved our score be 11.5 points from the week before.”

Junior Tucker Ransom echoed Kerkhoff’s satisfaction with the group’s overall improvement.

“Seeing as we had to be up at 5:00 AM for an 8:30 AM performance time, we were a little worried about our performance. But nonetheless, we managed to pump out the best performance we have done all season and it landed us fourth place,” Ransom said. “While we did not end up making the nighttime finals, we still improved tremendously from our competitions earlier in the season and that is a huge win in and of itself.”