Lebanon High School’s ComedySportz team is an improvisational comedy outfit headed up by Ms. Becker and consisting of several students with a love for improv and a passion for making people laugh. This team, however, has a somewhat enigmatic presence in the eyes of an average LHS student. Fortunately, junior Evan Wolfgang was willing to offer some insight.

“We create one-to-ten-minute scenes on the spot, including characters, settings, conflict, plot, and objects. Everything onstage is completely original and improvised,” Wolfgang explained. “Everyone in ComedySportz has to learn specific games including scenic games, gimmick games, pun games, and head to heads. Interrogation, for example, is a game where we have to get a teammate to guess a committed crime through puns.”

Wolfgang went on to explain what the ComedySportz organization actually is.

 “The Lebanon ComedySportz team is only a chapter in the ComedySportz High School League, which is also an offshoot of the professional ComedySportz League, which is an international brand. In the Indianapolis League, schools from around the Indianapolis area compete against each other in traveling matches. It is a neat way to meet and perform with people from other schools who we would have never met otherwise,” Wolfgang said.

Junior Tucker Ransom, another ComedySportz member, recommended joining the team. 

“Being on an improv team may sound like torture to most people, but it truly is an incredible experince to have in high school because you learn how to be quick on your feet and because nothing feels better than making people laugh, even when it is not on purpose.” Ransom said.

Junior Leah Kerkhoff also recommended joining the team to anyone with interest. 

“I would definitely recommend joining to people,” Kerkhoff said. “It is a great choice especially if you want a way to build your confidence, you like making people laugh, or you want another way to make a new group of friends.”

The ComedySportz team’s remaining matches this year are on April 21, April 27, and May 14.