Season fifteen of The Bachelor finale consisted of two nights on March 9thand 10th. Peter Weber ended his season not engaged to anyone but wishes both contestants the best in their future.

On Monday night, the first night left us off with a hurtful breakup between Madison Prewett and Peter Webber. Madison decided to leave before the final rose ceremony on her own terms. The two have very different life styles that led Madison’s emotions get to the best of her and resulted in leaving.

This then had left us unexpected of what was going to happen. This was the first season in Bachelor history where no one knew what was going to happen.

On Tuesday night of the finale, the show goes straight into Peter proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss in Australia. The Weber family was thrilled at the news of their new daughter in law. Weber proceeds to end the engagement a month later and admits that he still has strong feelings for Madison Prewett and can’t go through with Hannah Ann.

“I didn’t like the ending because Hannah Ann should have won and it was stupid that nobody actually won,” said senior Cayleigh Dial.

Hannah Ann then gets to express herself to Peter Weber live in front of Bachelor nation. She stands strong through it all and truly conveys to him how she feels.

“If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man,” said The Bachelor contestant Hannah Ann.

Hannah Ann’s interview left fans obsessing over her strong integrity. Admirers tweeted like crazy and loved how she tore Peter apart.

“I think it was really immature of him to propose to Hannah just because she was the only girl left and then break it off a month later. In my opinion, I don’t think this was a good bachelor season,” said sophomore Ella Taylor.

The show then flashbacks to what happened after the engagement was off. Host of the show, Chris Harrison without telling anyone or even Peter, decides to go to Auburn Alabama and see Madison. Chris Harrison tells Madison about the engagement but how they aren’t anymore. Madison voices how she feels and wishes she could go back.

“If I had a second chance, I would take him in a heartbeat,” contestant Madison Prewett said.

Madison Prewett then decides to fly into LA and get closure with Peter. While there, Peter utters how he messed up.

“I made a million and one mistakes, but I know I fell in love with you,” Peter said.

The two reunite on stage and accomplish Chris Harrisons words when he kept saying how not even Peter knows what will happen next on his journey. Prewett and Weber discuss their feelings for each other and plan to fulfill dating outside of all the cameras.

“I know how we both feel about each other. I think taking one step at a time, one day at a time is the smartest way to go about this. I have a lot of healing to do, I know that she does too,” said Peter Weber.

Barb, Peter’s mother really had a say during the finale screening. Barb loves Hannah Ann and doesn’t like Madison because of the differences and the night of Peters hometown when she showed up late.

“I don’t like Barb, she kept rolling her eyes. She wasn’t nice to Madison and was inconsiderate,” said junior JC Reese.

The couple of Madison Prewett and Peter Weber got back together though the Weber family was disappointed.

“I was happy because I liked Madison a lot more and how she was very confident in what she wanted and her beliefs,” said Irene Ransom.

Fans hoped this relationship would stay strong but following up with social media, they ended up calling it quits two nights after the dramatic finale.