Recently after the 2019 MLB postseason rumors went around that the Houston Astros were stealing signs to improve their chances of hitting. These rumors would lead to an investigation on the Astros organization during the offseason. The results of this investigation were not very pretty in the eyes of baseball fans.

It was found that many members of the Houston Astros were guilty of stealing signs during the 2017-18 MLB seasons. They were using cameras to see the opposing teams’ signs which was then relayed to the Astros dugout. From there players from the dugout would bang on the trash cans to indicate an off-speed pitch (any pitch other than a fastball).

The MLB took away the Astros first-and second-round draft picks for the 2020 and 2021 MLB draft. Along with that they suspended manager, AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow for a year from baseball. They also fined the organization an additional $5 million. The most shocking part about the punishment is there were no players suspended in any way.

For some baseball fans, they will remember this forever and never forgive them for what they have done.

“This event will forever effect the Astros organization. I also think that this will affect the careers of the Astros players that were involved and the coaching staff. This happening will ruin the reputation and the legacy of the Houston Astros, including the championships and the players that have played in the organization,” said Alex Juarez.

 The Houston Astros were a very liked baseball team and there were thousands of fans that were very upset after hearing the news.

“I am ashamed for supporting these players during their run. They seemed like honest individuals that were just trying to play the game they love. I don’t really know how the fans react to such a big issue, but I hope the players don’t lose all respect from the fans,” said sophomore Michael Richwine.

Other fans think that there is no excuse for what they did and it is going to create bad attitudes toward baseball. The most common opinion for baseball fans is that this act disgraced the entire sport.

 “I think that the whole situation is ridiculous, I personally believe that the championship should be vacated from the Astros organization. What they did is quite frankly a disgrace to the sport and they should be punished a lot more than they were,” said sophomore Brayton Bowen.

Fans all around baseball are wondering how the Houston Astros will perform in the 2020 season without their sign stealing.