The legend of Tom Brady in New England has ended, after he decided to continue his career in Tampa Bay as a Buccaneer. Tom Brady gave the New England many great memories since his rookie season in 2000. The Patriots drafted Tom Brady with the last pick in the 2000 NFL Draft and the Patriots won six Super Bowls with Tom at quarterback. Brady is considered the biggest steal in the history of the NFL Draft due to his late selection in the sixth-round back in 2000.

Tom Brady put up incredible numbers in his career with the New England Patriots. Brady is second all-time in passing yards and touchdowns with 74,571 yards and 541 touchdowns. Along with his six Super Bowl rings Brady has also won four Super Bowl MVP’s. That is an amazing resumé for a 42-year-old quarterback that is still continuing his career.

Some people are skeptical about his decision because it is very late in his career and he was on a very successful New England team. He worked well with the coaching staff and he built relationships with all of the players in his long career with the Patriots.

“I think that he will not be as successful with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I believe that he is a system quarterback and will not fit well with the Bucs. He also does not have the best offensive line to protect him on the Buccaneers,”said sophomore Brayton Bowen.

In the past good players have tried to continue their career even though they are getting old. They try to make too much money and end up ruining their image at the end of their careers.

 “I feel like all great players always try to extend their careers longer than it should be and they end up getting traded to a worse team and they either get hurt or not succeeding as much as they did on their previous team,”said junior JC Reese.

Professional athletes obviously love the game they play so they will do anything to continue their career regardless of where they end up. Some just make moves based on money but they are always trying to keep playing even though they might be older than the average professional athlete.

“I think that his decision was probably made for his family knowing that his contract would take care of his kids for the rest of their life. Also, I think he wanted some place new because of how long his career was in New England,”said sophomore Trevor Winkles.

Even though Tom Brady was one of the last players to be selected in the 2000 NFL Draft he will most likely end up being a Hall of Famer and one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League.