The Coronavirus has stopped most of our daily lives and hobbies. That also includes the entire sports world coming to a complete stop. Which gives all professional athletes just one thing to do to stay connected to their sports, video games.

Some NBA players and teams started this trend right after their season was suspended due to the Coronavirus. The Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns played their suspended game virtually on a live stream called Twitch.

This would cause many other NBA players to get into live-streaming their video games. Some players include, Josh Hart (pictured), De’Aaron Fox and Trae Young. Some may think it is lazy for professional athletes to play video games but they have almost nothing else to do while they are in quarantine for the virus.

Shortly after basketball starting live-streaming their video games, professional racers hopped on the live-stream as well. One NASCAR driver, Kyle Larson, was causing trouble while playing on his live-stream. During the live-stream Larson would say some very inappropriate language to other players on the game. After that his racing team would suspend him with no pay for his actions on the video game.

Some Major League Baseball players have also joined in on the video game playing while baseball is getting pushed back as well. They have even created their own MLB The Show 20 Players League which includes every MLB team with one player representative to play in the league.

They are having a lot of fun with it posting it on social media with videos of themselves going crazy after a walk-off win or crazy homeruns. The MLB is also using this for publicity because there are no games being played at this time.

Now that all sports are being suspended at this time it is very hard being a sports fan. Some television networks are airing old games from years past but that is the closest thing to watching the sports the world loves.

That being said the sports world will shortly become what it used to be and sports fans all across the world will come to see their beloved sports.