Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, seniors across the country are sacrificing the best three months of their high school career to being quarantined inside their homes.  These seniors are missing out on prom, last walk, graduation, and signings.

Athletes that plan to further their athletic careers in college work hard to get the little amount of appreciation they would have gotten in a signing with their past and future coaches, friends and family surrounding them.

However, this pandemic is not stopping Lebanon High School seniors from committing to playing their sport at the college of their dreams, regardless of having a signing or not.

Drew Cosgray committed to playing soccer this fall at DePauw University.  His favorite part of DePauw is the people and how everyone there wants to make a difference and has an amazing perspective on the world.

“I am just really excited to continue the sport I love and I am excited to make new friends and just continuing improve my soccer skills.  I will really miss playing with my best friends, it was a special experience to make memories with my friends that I consider to be my brothers,” said Cosgray.

John Morgan will be a part of the track and field team at Valparaiso University this upcoming school year.  He is most excited about what he is capable of doing and reaching his max potential.

“My favorite part about Valparaiso is how welcoming everyone is there and how beautiful the campus is.  I am going to miss having tough practices with my teammates and them being there to pick me up.  I am going to miss all the fun and great times we had,” said Morgan.

Lucy Gascho is also excited to spend her next four years at Valparaiso University and has committed to swimming there.  Her favorite part about Valparaiso is the people since everyone is so kind and welcoming.

“What I am most excited for in continuing my swimming career is that hopefully my times will get better and I will make more swim friends.  What I am going to miss most about my experience with Lebanon athletics is my swim team.  I have been swimming with these girls since I was about six and so it is going to be really hard to leave without them and be swimming with new people,” said Gascho.

Madison Maher committed to playing soccer this fall at Evangel University.  She absolutely loves everything about Evangel; the campus is gorgeous in her eyes and all the people are incredible nice and welcoming.

“I am definitely super excited just to have the opportunity to play at a high level, it has always been a dream of mine to play at the collegiate level! I think that I am going to miss the home town spirit, Lebanon is a small community so all sporting events are a major part of our lives and everyone comes out to support us, and that is truly amazing,” said Maher.

Michael Reese committed to playing football at Franklin College this upcoming school year.  His favorite part about Franklin is that the campus is not too big or too small.  This was an important factor for him when choosing a college because he believes a smaller school fits his personality better.

“What I am excited for is that I get to keep playing football at the next level. I am going to miss being able to play with all of my friends through Lebanon athletics.  I made a lot of good memories with them throughout my four years,” said Reese.

Michael Wright (not pictured) will be attending Indiana University Southeast this upcoming school year and has committed to playing tennis there.  Like Reese, he likes how IU Southeast is not too big or too small.  It also happens to be close to Louisville, so it gives him lots to do.

“I am most excited about getting to experience the new team atmosphere since the team is what makes the sport fun.  The thing I am going to miss most about Lebanon athletics is the guys on our tennis team.  I may not see these guys for a while because all of the seniors are going different places,” said Wright.

I, Becca Douglass, have committed to cheering at Purdue University this fall.  My favorite part about Purdue is the home-like feeling I get while I am there.  I have grown up at Purdue as most of my family went there, so for me, it is like a second home.

I am excited to get the chance to further my cheerleading career in college and have the opportunity to continue to push myself to become a better cheerleader than I am now.  I am going to miss cheering on the Lebanon Tigers with the people I grew up with, but I cannot wait to make more lifelong friends through cheer.

If these athletes learn anything from this pandemic, it would be to never take anything for granted and never let anything stop you from pursuing and achieving your goals in life.