Due to the current situation, we are on eLearning until the end of the year so here are some tips that will significantly improve your school work.

  1. Maintain a routine

Consistency is very important and plays a big role in student success. Waking up at the same time and staying productive as soon as you get up will better motivate you. Making a timed to do list will make you stay on top of it and give you the rest of your day to do fun stuff.

  1. Stay organized

Organize your stuff, this makes everything easier. Keep all of your work in a neat place so you don’t get frustrated and have to search forever to find things. Using a planner can also help to keep track of your school work.

  1. Talk with your teachers

Online school is not something we are this familiar with for this long. If you’re struggling with something or don’t understand, it is okay to talk to your teacher and seek help.Communicating effectively will help you better understand and let the teacher know you care.

  1. Find a good place to work

If you tend to do your work in bed, you’re more likely to not be motivated. If you need to work in your bed then make your bed and have a clean room. Try to avoid distractions, find a quiet place to do your work. Take healthy breaks that will benefit you. Sitting in a natural light room instead of a dark room will make you feel better and interested.

  1. Get outside

Walking in nature or just being out in the fresh air will add some structure to do your day. Spending some time outside will lead to important health benefits. Being in front of a screen all day can make you feel yucky so getting some air will increase happiness.

  1. No phone

Getting separation from your phone will help with distractions and will help get your work done effectively. If you’re on an important task, your phone can distract you in the middle of it and can lose your train of thought.

  1. Don’t procrastinate

Stay up on your assignments. Do the work you get assigned that day you get on so you don’t get behind on things. Waiting until last minute or the end of the week can make it very stressful and so doing your work on time will better your mindset.

Junior Tucker Ransom talked about what he can suggest others to do during their eLearning time.

“I’ll admit, it’s tough to stay motivated, but all I can suggest is to stay on top of it! It’s honestly not as intolerable if you log on and get it over with the day, you’re assigned so you can then focus on whatever you want for the rest of the day,” said Ransom.

Freshman Charli Albea has been motivating herself and bettering her schoolwork skills.

“Lately, I’ve just been motivating myself to get the grades I want by setting an alarm to start school at a certain time. Therefore, I won’t waste the day away on my phone. That way when I go to sleep that night, I know I’ve done something productive with my day,” said Albea.

Senior Luke Ferrell shared what he thinks is the best way to cope with eLearning.

“The easiest way to do eLearning is by waking up and doing it all in the am before you start your day,” said Ferrell.

Junior Natalie Dafoe shared how she stays motivated and deals with the e learning schoolwork.

“For me it’s been really difficult keeping up with eLearning since I’ve been more motivated to use my time for self-care and hobbies that I didn’t have time for before. Something I recommended is creating a schedule and emphasizing that you give yourself time to do what makes your heart feel full. Watch a sunset, ride a bike, paint, etc. Be happy first, breathe, and let’s kick out the rest of this unfortunate school year because summer 2020 is right around the corner,” said Dafoe.