Welcoming a New Coach: Coach Hiatt


Riley Jump (Senior), Editor-in-Chief

With winter sports seasons coming to end, our spring athletes are doing all they can to prepare. From golf, baseball, softball, tennis, and track, teams are getting together for extra conditioning and practice. Without coaches there are no teams, and this season we have added a new head coach to the track & field roster.

Coach Hiatt, football coach and science teacher, is making his appearance as the new sprints and jumps coach for the track & field team. Having a great amount of coaching under his belt, Hiatt is prepared to coach, teach, and condition the track athletes for the spring season.

“I have coached track before at Crawfordville High School. I coached sprints for about three years and loved every minute of it,” said Hiatt.

Track is a unique sport in many ways. It’s one of the only sports that consists of team work, but heavily relies on individual performance as well. This can make it a more difficult sport to coach due to the amount of one-on-one time it requires.

“The individualized coaching style used in track is one that I really enjoy. Being a football coach, I use more of a team style of coaching, but I love having that one-on-one time with the athletes,” said Hiatt.

Every coach has to learn to adapt their styles based on the sport, athletes, and the level of competition. This can make coaching more difficult than people may assume. Track and field has such a wide variety of events and skills required to accel in those specific races. With Hiatt’s experience, he is eager to become a part of the team and put forth his best effort for the overall success of the athletes.

“I’m looking forward to a lot of things having this opportunity to coach track here at Lebanon. The biggest thing is being able to help these student athletes max out their abilities and watch them grow and improve,” said Hiatt.