Boys Basketball Senior Night


Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor

On Friday, February 18th 2022, in addition to the Frost Fest crowning, the Boys Basketball team had their senior night for the four current seniors on the team: Reese Jones, Jaheem Joseph, Kobe Ottinger, and Drew Terrill.

“Having our senior night was so surreal because it made me realize everything is coming to an end as we are on our last semester of high school. Even though I couldn’t play for the whole game because I injured my hand previously in the season, I was able to start for the tip and just be with those guys on the court for our second to last home game of the season,” said senior Reese Jones.

The boys set up booths with pictures of memories they have made over their years playing Lebanon basketball. The parents of the boys were also able to frame a jersey for each of theme to keep forever and remember what it was like to play on this team.

“I can’t believe everything is coming to an end so fast. I mean I feel like everyone tells you that it’s going to go fast but you don’t believe them until you look back and it’s one of your last few games playing for Lebanon. I’m going to miss these guys next year because we have all developed a bond that is like family to me,” said senior Kobe Ottinger.

The Boys Varsity Basketball team will go on to play their last home game this Friday, February 25th against William Henry Harrison. After that, they will participate in sectionals with the hopes of continuing their season as long as possible.

“I’m really excited for sectionals with this team because I feel like we have such great team chemistry that has developed throughout the season that we will be successful. I am very sad because time is getting shorter for all of us playing for Lebanon together and it really feels like it has gone by so fast,” said senior Drew Terrill.