The Hype Over the Super Bowl Commercials


Wyatt Boyett (Junior), Reporter

Sure, the Super Bowl is all fine and dandy, but viewers who don’t know a touchdown from a tight end tune in to watch the commercials. Some are rating them from most favorite to least favorite and others are just enjoying the ability to see Peyton Manning on the screen.

From the legendary 1984 ad for Apple Macintosh computers to the many Budweiser and other of the infamous beer commercials which tend to surround the super bowl, some of the most famous commercials of all time have aired during the big game.

“The Jim Carrey Commercial where he was playing The Cable Guy was a personal favorite,” said junior Grant Krulik.

Sure, the game between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals was a nail-biter and the halftime show was legendary, but this year’s game featured nearly 70 ads, four of which came from cryptocurrency brands and five from streaming services.

Which leads me to talking about the many cryptocurrency ads that were beginning to show up during the Super Bowl 56 commercial breaks.

“Many of the crypto ads were super interesting commercials and were creating the idea that Crypto Currency is very important, also the Coinbase ad was super cool,” said Mathias Baldwin.

All of the crypto ads generated what ads are supposed to do, get the crowd engaged by having them go up to their TV screen and scan the QR code. The ad also had them download Coinbase in order to get into the giveaway, which was that ads way to persuade people to download their app, and because the giveaway is not for the next couple of weeks its perfect for Coinbase the company because it’s now reminding people of their ad and of the app.

“I was listening to the radio and heard multiple people talking about whether or not we would see any Manning on a commercial,” said Mr. Hiatt. “Which I happened to see a single commercial with Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning all together.”

Most of the commercial were are seeing have a trend, and it’s that companies are stuffing their ads with celebrities maybe thinking famous faces will sell more product than witty, entertaining ads.

The Super Bowl ads will forever make the sometimes blowout Superbowl game more interesting, and will also give me a great excuse to tell my annoying aunt to PLEASE BE QUIET!