LHS Mini Cheer Clinic 2022


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

Usually, every school year, the LHS Varsity cheerleaders will hold a cheer clinic for little girls and boys who are interested in cheerleading. Since COVID-19 took over the athletic department couldn’t do it for the past two years, but this year they decided to have one.

Freshman Adriana Smith said, “When I was a little girl, I use to go to the cheer clinics every year, it was so much fun.”

This year’s cheer clinic took place on February 19th. The cheer clinic started at 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. At 12 p.m., the mini cheer leaders had a showcase to show their parents what they learned. Later that night they performed during the Varsity Boys Basketball Game.

“Watching the little girls preform at the game was so entertaining,” said freshman Marina Barr.

Each participant got in free to the Varsity Game and received one free ticket for their parent/guardian. The mini cheerleaders were given a T-shirt and a special gift which were a silver pair of pom-poms.

Junior Dilynn Shockley said, “My favorite part about teaching the mini’s was how excited they were to learn the material we gave them. I also loved the look on their faces when they opened their poms for the first time.”

During the clinic the mini cheerleaders learned a cheer, a chant, the correct way to jump, and a dance made specially for them. This year’s dance that the mini cheerleaders performed during halftime was made by Sydney Stevenson. The song choice to this dance was “The Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana.

“I believe that the mini’s enjoyed the clinic this year. They did well with the material for the dance. It took about an hour for me to make up the dance as well as get the timing right,” said senior Sydney Stevenson.

There was also an opportunity for the little girls to stunt during starting lineup. Their parents put their child’s name in a bowl and 10 Varsity cheerleaders would pick out one name each. It was optional for the mini cheerleaders to go up in a stunt or not.

“I loved tonight so much. It was so much fun and I love my pom-poms. Roll Tigers,” said mini cheerleader Leyah Colbert.