Band Going to State


Just recently, our music department has taken the Jazz Band to different competitions. At the Pendleton competition, they performed their three charts and were able to have a clinic with one of the jazz clinicians there.

“Jazz clinicians gave us advice on how we can improve our music,” said junior Molly Barber.

At the different competitions, some let them do different things. “At Purdue, we also got the opportunity to watch a performance from the Purdue jazz band an hour after our performance,” said Barber.

There are many reasons to enjoy going to these competitions although Barber enjoys going for the performance. “Playing jazz with such a talented group of people is really fun, and the judges always enjoy it, so it’s very satisfying to leave with such positive responses,” said Barber.

One of Barber’s favorite memories from one of the competitions was, “Probably the first time Matthew Duerkson played his guitar solo for our last jazz chart ‘the jazz police.’ It was amazing, and seeing all the reactions of the people in the band was really funny,” said Barber.

“My favorite memory would be when we performed and at Westfield and got first in our class and second overall at our first ISSMA competition,” said junior Ben Ward.

During the performances they get to see what other schools are doing as well as those schools being able to see what their performance is like.

“They’re really exciting and we get to be exposed to schools we don’t really compete with on a normal basis,” said Ward.