War Stricken


Gavin Haines (Junior), Reporter

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started February 24, 2022. The Russians believe Ukraine is still a part of Russia even though they claimed their independence from Russia. Russia felt threatened the Ukrainians wanted to join NATO, a treaty organization that poses threats to Russia’s world power.

“Invading Ukraine was totally uncalled for in my opinion, Russia is taking advantage of a country that can’t fight back and they know it,” said junior Aiden Frost.

As of now Russia has completely obliterated Ukrainian cities. The Russians are targeting ammunitions stations holding Ukrainian weapons and ammo, houses, hospitals, and are working towards capturing the capital building in Kyiv.

“It’s really sad to watch, and I wish we could help with force, but that would cause a lot bigger problems for us and the rest of the world,” said senior Logan Elsbury.

However, not everything has been going smoothly for Putin’s army. They have yet to gain any control through the air as the Ukrainian Airforce has complete control. The Russians were very unprepared for the fightback as they are running out of food, water, gas for military vehicles, and left without any direction of what they are doing.

“It was good to see some resistance, I think right now they need everyone behind them and we need to continue to provide whatever help we can. I think the sanctions will only do so much,” said junior Cayman Huntsman.

The war continues to go on and Russians are closing in on the capital of Ukraine and their president Vladimir Zelensky, but they Ukrainians won’t go down without a fight. Russia has now also threatened other countries such as Finland and Sweden. Putin made a statement warning them not to join NATO or they will face severe punishments. Putin made the same remarks to the U.S. if they were to get involved.

“I think times will be hard with our economy for a little bit especially gas and gas prices as Russia is the world leading natural gas exporter. I have faith in our government and armed forces if things were to go south,” said junior Cannon Morton.