Art Portfolios 101


Lindsey Mount (Senior)

There are a few reasons to need an art portfolio, by using your art portfolio to send to colleges, businesses, and clients.

Sending your art portfolio to schools can help the chances in getting in and being able to study within the arts within their programs.

By sending your art portfolio to businesses, they can use it to decide if they want to hire you to work for them within their company.

If you have potential clients, showing them your work can give them a better idea of what they will get in return if they have you make something for them.

You can use several sites to use as the web host to make an online portfolio. Using an online portfolio allows people to see your work by clicking on a link that they either found by looking up the certain type of art or through you sending it to them.

There are other ways to make a portfolio, such as sending in pictures of your work and having it turned into a book. By having the portfolio be a book, clients and businesses will need you to send the book to them or hand it to them during interviews.

Things to include into your art portfolio are ten-fifteen pieces that show your best work. Which typically don’t add in sketches because employers mainly want to see the final product.

If you have an art portfolio created, you can register to be a part of National Portfolio Day. This year the meetings are online over Zoom and the two coming up are on March 12, 2022 and May 21, 2022 at 1:00-5:00 PM.

At these meetings, people show off their portfolio to counselors, admissions team members, and faculty from art and design schools. They will give you feedback on what to improve upon in order to make your portfolio show off your artwork best when applying to colleges and universities.