Grub With Will


Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor

Senior Will Swartz has been working hard on creating a platform for himself on Instagram and tik Tok as a food reviewer. Swartz has reviewed restaurants all around Indiana such as Prodigy Burger, Goodfellas Pizza, Big Woods, and more. He has even reviewed restaurants out of the state during school breaks, and is expected to make more soon.

Swartz first decided to start doing food reviews when he was on fall break with his friends and they all agreed that it would be fun. His first ever food review was Pizza Social in Anna Maria Island.

“I enjoy doing the food reviews because I get to eat all these different places and try different foods. Making the videos is honestly a lot of fun to do,” said Swartz.

To create the videos, Swartz films himself eating in the restaurants, and then edits the clips by adding a voice over to explain his meal and what he rates it.

Swartz even features many of his friends in his videos to give a better variety of what food can be ordered and to make his videos more interesting. Some of his featured friends include: Evan Wright, Cora Dial, Anna Robbins, Toby Meyer, Kendrick Welty, Max Williams, Chloe Beltran, and Kennedy Zellers.

“My favorite place so far has been Rosie’s place in Zionsville, IN, and my least favorite place so far has been Thai select also in Zionsville, IN,” said Swartz.

Although Swartz is currently a senior, he hopes to continue to make videos throughout his future. Next year Swartz plans on trying to make videos when he can on the weekends, but might have to get more creative to keep the audience.

“We’ll see what happens once I get to college,” said Swartz.

Will can be found on Tik Tok and Instagram as @grubwithwill.