The Disappointing Actions of NBA Fans

The Disappointing Actions of NBA Fans

Wyatt Boyett (Junior), Reporter

The NBA, just like other sports, has always been full of diehard fans that either ruin the game or make it better. Whether it’s the constant screaming that gets into the heads of the competition, or the screaming at the refs/players that you can’t help but laugh at. But what really has a lot of people questioning is, where does the NBA draw the line?

There has been a lot of incidents that have made headlines on twitter. Incidents that have occurred across five NBA venues where fans have illustrated bad behavior in various fashions.

From objects being thrown at players to racist heckling in the stands, it has become an almost every-night problem. Star players such as Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Trae Young have been targeted.

“There have been many incidents where I’ve seen clips on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. where NBA Fans have been spitting on, throwing stuff at, or yelling at players on the court or the sidelines,” said junior Cannon Morton.

Chants like “Trae is Balding” as Trae begins to shoot free-throws, “Lebron is tired” as Lebron is siting the bench for a game, Boston fans were chanting “f— Kyrie” at a Red Sox baseball game. Disrespectful nick-names like “Westbrick” (Russell Westbrook) have been given to a numerous amount of NBA players.

“There was a situation not too long ago where I remember “Westbrick” freaked out on a fan after the fan threw something at him,” said junior Evan Wright.

At the time the Wizards guard (Now Lakers Point Guard) Russell Westbrook walked off the court in the fourth quarter of a Game 2 loss to Philadelphia, and that’s when a fan dumped popcorn on his head. Westbrook had to be restrained by security guards at Wells Fargo Arena.

The situation was somewhat resolves after the 76ers revoked the fan’s season tickets and apologized to the Wizards. Westbrook responded to the incident, saying “this s— is getting out of hand, especially for me.”

“There was another situation where Trae Young had some fan spit at him too, just disgusting,” said Evan.

A Knicks fan spits on Atlanta’s Trae Young during Game 3 of the first-round series against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The fan was standing in the second row when he spit near Young on an out-of-bounds play.

Young addressed the incident before Game 3, saying “I saw the video, and it’s disgusting.” The fan was banned indefinitely from Madison Square Arena.

Overall, it’s disappointing to see fans have such disrespect for another person whether or not they are the opponent or not, because for all the fans knows that player could easily be traded or bought by the same team they are such a diehard supporter of.