Hot Off the Presses


Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor

Last week, the yearbook staff was able to submit the book they have been working on the entire school year. The 2021-22 yearbook has been sent in to be printed and will be distributed later to students and staff who bought the book in May.

“It feels rewarding to know that we have put so much hard work into it. It’s a really good book that I know we are all proud of,” said senior Organizations editor Kennedy Zellers.

However, the job isn’t over for the yearbook staff. Even though the book has been sent in, they will now begin working on the spring supplement which covers the school spring sports and other spring events.

“The spring supplement covers the events that happened after we had to send the book in. It’s like a little magazine that as a sticky part on the back cover for students to be able to put in their books. My favorite part of putting the spring supplement together is that everyone gets to work on their own spreads, including the reporters,” said senior Sports editor Maggie Scott.

Finishing a whole yearbook is no small feat. Before this year’s book started coming together, the editors were told “this is the biggest group project you will ever work on, so teamwork is vital to make a good book” by former yearbook advisor Mrs. Kazmierczak.

“My favorite part of finishing the book was going through and seeing all the hard work that I did individually, but also see the finished product of everyone else’s spreads. I worked for the editors to get interviews and pictures for them and it was so cool to see how all of that came together,” said junior reporter Jack Rasmussen.

Soon, the current yearbook editors will be revealing who will be in charge of each section for the next book in the 2022-23 school year.

“It was really nice to see all of our hard work come together in such a great way. The book is something we can definitely be proud of, but I’m even more excited to find out our future editor positions. I’m ready to work on the next book” said sophomore reporter Audrey Patterson.