Deca’s Going Far


Sandybel Paz (Junior), Reporter

Here at Lebanon High School, we have our own Deca team. Deca is a business competition with different categories that have real world scenarios. Students have to find and present that specific scenario that each team is assigned and compete with it.

“My category is travel and tourism so we get scenarios related to things like airplanes and cruises, so we create promotional plans or just focus on the customer’s mindset,” said junior Anna Robbins.

This year Deca proudly had a total of nine state champions. Those included, senior Abbie Thomas, senior Ella Taylor, senior Addison Cupka, junior Anna Robins, junior Alex Emenhiser, sophomore Audrey Patterson, sophomore Emma Hornbecker, sophomore Amelia Schoeff, and freshman Katie Gaulman.

“The best part about Deca is hanging out with all of my friends, meeting new people and traveling,” said sophomore Audrey Patterson.

The following include each of their category; Addison Cupka under the category of Hotel Lodging and Management, Abbie and Ella under Marketing Management, Anna and Audrey under Travel and Tourism, Alex under Marketing Communication, Emma and Amelia under Buying and Merchandise and Katie under Retail Merchandise.

“Deca has really taught me how to talk in front of people and share my ideas confidently, and just expand my creativity,” said junior Anna Robbins.