Selection Sunday


Brayton Bowen (Senior), Sports Editor

The month of March has endured some crazy moments in recent years with crazy game-winning shots, cinderella teams making the final four, and more. That craziness got renewed on Sunday, March 13th as the NCAA Selection Committee revealed the 68 teams that made the bracket.


Every year, the NCAA selection committee ranks teams 1-16 seeds in four different regions. The West, East, South, and Midwest. The one seeds in that order are Gonzaga, Baylor, Arizona, and Kansas. These teams would be considered the “favorites,” but if you know anything about march madness, there are one seeds that get knocked out in the second round or sweet sixteen quite often. “I think that at least two of the one seeds will make the final four, and the other two one seeds will lose in the sweet sixteen or elite eight.” Said Junior Cayman Huntsman.


Cinderella teams and upsets are gives March Madness the title March Madness because you never know what will happen with any random team. Cinderella teams are teams that are seeded lower in the brackets and make a deep run into the tournament, knocking off higher-seeded teams as they do so. Notable “cinderella” teams in recent years include Oral Roberts in last year’s bracket as they made it to the sweet sixteen, Loyola Chicago as they made the Final Four as an eleven seed in 2018, and this one isn’t that much of a cinderella team but UMBC became the first sixteen seed to beat a one seed in 2018 as they upset Virginia.


“I am a big Indiana fan, and after watching their play-in game I really do think that they played well. They also played a great Big Ten Tournament. So I think that Indiana has a chance to be a cinderella team this year.” Said Junior Caleb Linton.


Three teams from Indiana made the bracket this year. Purdue earned a three seed in the East Region and will play Yale at 2 pm on Friday. Indiana won their play-in game and is a 12 seed in the East Region and will play Saint Mary’s on Thursday at 7:20 pm. Notre Dame also won their play-in game, putting them as an 11 seed in the West Region, and will play Alabama on Friday at 4:15.


“Last year’s bracket has a lot of upsets, and I don’t think that this year we will see as many. I think the top seeds will advance deep in the bracket. My pick to win it all is Gonzaga.” Said Junior Michael Strode.