Get Fit with Meal Kits

Get Fit with Meal Kits

Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition, this is why many people, not just around the world but also here at Lebanon High School, are trying to eat a healthier diet. Many students and teachers are discovering the perfect way to do so by getting meal kits.

Senior Brynn Noland said, “I’ve seen adds for meal kits and all the meals look really delicious. I haven’t had the time to order one yet but I would like too.”

Meal kits are a subscription service that are pre-packaged and have healthy ingredients. Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Blue Apron are some of the subscription services you can order from. Each service has different food prep plans/meals but they all have the same concept which is to eat healthier food that are easier to make.

“I use meal kits and they’re so convenient and easy to use. I recommend them to busy people and people trying to save money,” said Mr. Miller.

Meal kits also help individuals learn how to cook. “Since the boxes are sent to your home with exact amount of ingredients and everything you need, it’s easier to understand how much ingredients you really need,” said junior Dilynn Shockley.

Miss. Glassburn said, “I recommend people to meal prep subscriptions especially when they’re beginners at cooking. I used one a long time ago but it was honestly delicious and super easy to make.”

Although meal kits aren’t the best for picky eaters or people who have many dietary restrictions, they’re perfect for families trying to save money. “They’re so much more convenient and saves you money on the long run since you won’t be stopping to get fast food anymore,” said Mr. Miller.

“They’re so easy to make and very delicious. It’s also a great way to spend time with your family and friends,” said junior Thomas Fitzpatrick.