Scholarships Galore


If you are planning on going to college then you should be looking at what scholarships fit the criteria of your major. Scholarships get you extra money and can vary from many different financial gift amounts, depending on household income, number of family members, etc. However, in order for you to get the scholarship you have to be going above and beyond what is being asked of you in school, in this sense, above and beyond would be participating in clubs, sports, band, choirs, musicals/show theater, 4-H, etc.

It is very common for seniors to procrastinate applying for scholarships. On top of the bustle of your senior year, it takes a great amount of time and effort to apply. There are so many financial gift opportunities out there for juniors and seniors.

“Do not let your laziness take over. If I could go back and do something over in regard to scholarships, I would actually apply for more,” said history teacher Mr. DeBard.

Along with Mr. DeBard, many of the seniors we talked to gave insight and advice when it came to anything and everything about scholarships.

“I have applied for a lot of scholarships and have been since the beginning of my senior year. I feel like the later you apply for scholarships the better, but I do advise you to research about the scholarships and their deadlines, as I didn’t realize how many were due earlier in the year,” said senior Maggie Scott.

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Mineart, goes above and beyond to get the word out on scholarships, consistently updating their annual scholarship list, which can be found on canvas, periodically throughout the year for seniors. These scholarships include a wide variety of criteria that may be met by students looking for a general scholarship; or for those who are looking to pursue something specific such as nursing, education, being a first responder and more.

“I am applying for a lot of scholarships. I started applying toward the end of my junior year and would have liked to do more digging to find scholarships,” said senior Ryan Keith.

Juniors Jordan Yoder and Ronaldo Bernal-Santos both agreed to start looking early and applying for scholarships, specifically this summer going into their senior year, as well as looking into general info about them.