POPS Annual Concert: An Insight


Every year, all four of the Lebanon High choirs get to perform at the POPS concert, where each act consists of mainly modern pop music. There’s Lebanon voices, concert choir, madrigals, and choralaires, all directed by Mrs. Schoeff, and each choir has two students as the representatives.

“The Pops concert occurs every year, during the first weekend in May (6th and 7th). We typically do both Friday night and Saturday night due to the number of specialty acts,” said choral director Mrs. Schoeff.

For these concerts, students get a lot of ownership. They get to select their choir and audition, choose what they wear for the concert, and seniors get to write the script. These concerts give the performers a memorable experience, and a chance to be heard. They have all sorts of traditions, preparations, and performances.

“One tradition we have is a ‘People’s Choice’ award, where people can put money in a jar for their favorite performer. The winner gets to perform a second time at the concert,” said Schoeff.

Preparation for these concerts is key. The performers have to rehearse during class, at home, along with taking time for themselves, warm ups before performing, along with checking in with and listening to others and making sure everyone else is ready.

“I personally hype myself up. I always check in with everyone and see how they are feeling, and tell them they’re going to do amazing. It’s so fun to prepare each song and show everyone,” said junior Aspen Kernodle (choralaires).

“I practice and make sure I’m performing with passion, because that’s the only way to be. The sentiment, and my solo act mean a lot to me, and I think it’s the perfect send off to the concert I’ve been a part of for all four years of high school,” said senior Brynn Hensley (Madrigals).

“We mainly prepare by paying attention and taking class time seriously because it’s very beneficial, especially in choir,” said senior Grace Medici (concert choir).

“I practice at home, and as a group we warm up before we go on,” said sophomore Nevaeh Riehl (Lebanon Voices).

Every Pops concert is different, and consists of brand new songs, material, acts, and is the perfect source of unique entertainment.

“It’s thrilling. Being in front of the lights and in front of the filled seats. You get a rush of anxiety and then it all melts away when you start to sing,” said Kernodle.

“It’s all very fun. All the acts are diverse and really fun to watch. We all work together as a team and kind of make one big sound, and that’s really nice,” said Riehl.

“It’s fun to meet new people in different grades, and also just hanging out while getting work done, and getting ready for POPS. It’s all very much a teamwork thing, because it’s not a talent show,” said Medici.

Come to the LHS auditorium on May 6th and 7th, and see all of the choirs perform. They put so much effort into these performances, and they are excited to show everyone what they’ve been working on.

“Please come out and support these beautiful people as they showcase their incredible talent,” said Hensley.