Track and Fields Senior Night


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

On Tuesday, April 19th the Track and Field team held their senior night for their 20 seniors: Maggie Scott, Abbie Coyle, Riley Jump, Maleigha Howard, Maggie Lamerson, Stephanie Olsofka, Hunter Crew, Landon Davidson, Matt Duerkson, Sam Green, Reese McCoy, Caleb McKaig, Brennen Ping, Andy Ward, Trevor Winkles, Riley Newman, Sarah Brown, Chloe Beltram, Jaheem Joseph and Drew Terrill

“I’m sad because this part of my life is coming to an end and I’m excited because a new part is about to begin, but it’s hard to let go of this part of my life when it’s been my life for so long and it will be such a big change,” said senior Maggie Scott

The seniors set up boards which included pictures of memories from their track career. Friends and family were given the opportunity to write a message on the senior boards, wishing the seniors luck for their life after high school.

“I’m pretty upset that my senior year is coming to a close but it was fun while it lasted,” said senior Gabe Goff.

Here are some of the senior’s favorite memories from their track career: “My favorite memory from track was probably when Hallie threw up all over the place at sectionals and I was holding her hair back while the head people were yelling at us to get off the field and to tell Hallie to stop puking even though she couldn’t,” said senior Maggie Scott. “My favorite memory was from tonight when I broke 160 feet,” said senior Hunter Crew.

“On my senior night I feel like there’s this constant thought in your mind about how everything happening is your last one of it. Every little moment I had last night I kept reminding myself that it was the last time I would be in that exact spot. It’s very sad thinking that you’ll never be able to experience some things twice,” said senior Maggie Scott.

The last home meet was on Senior Night but the Track and Field team have five more away games. After their last meet on Friday, May 13th they will hopefully be moving on to Sectionals the following week.

“If I had to give any tips for the underclass men I’d say don’t stress too much about what happens on the track, as long as you try your best you’ll be successful in life,” said senior Gabe Goff.