What’s Going On In The Art World?


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

The arts department is doing some extraordinary things. They’re working hard to finish up their art projects before finals week starts.

“I really enjoyed the Business Logo Project, mostly because I liked working with my group,” said sophomore Breanna Morrow.

Overall digital design is working on improving their skills. Currently in intro to digital design, they are working on isolated color projects and they’re working with different textures. Digital design classes are also working on using pixels to stretch an image out so it looks as though the image is moving.

“My favorite project was the mask project because we got to choose what we made,” said junior Hope Bryant.

In advanced digital design six, they’re working on a choice project and their final project is making a scroll through video. The choice project is where the students get to choose where their focus is in the art world. The final project is making a scrolling portfolio of work they’ve done throughout the year.

“I enjoyed making the cardboard house the most,” said freshman Steven Kennedy.

Art is working on finishing their current projects. They’re also working on building their knowledge of certain art techniques for their future in different art classes. Intro to 3D art is working on clay tiles structures. They’re using the clay to make a model of an animal in its environment.

“My favorite part was light painting,” said sophomore Autumn Barns.

Advanced 2D art is working on an embroidered canvas. An embroidered canvas is where the students will sew yarn into a canvas, they were given the option to do the entire canvas or just a certain section of it. Advanced 3D students are writing out their initials and then making it look 3D. Painting and drawing are doing half human have something else. This could include a half human half animal figure.

“I’m so happy we’re able to have an arts department here at LHS. Art is so cool, I love it,” said Freshman Emerson Shepherd.