Meet Mr. Damm


Meet Lebanon’s newest addition to the Business Department, Mr. Tyler Damm.  2018 Purdue graduate, board game entrepreneur, tennis coach and much more.  These are just a few things that tell Mr. Damm’s story.

“I am a huge nerd, i play Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and all that kind of stuff.” said Damm

While he has his own board game called Cube Hog, he loves to play a different board game, Dungeon of Dragons, which most recently had a lot of attention brought to it via the Netflix series Stranger Things.

“I’d say altruistic, always try to put everybody else besides me first.” said Damm.

This was his response when asked about one word to describe himself. An altruistic person is someone who has an unselfish concern for other people. And I agree altruistic is a good word to describe him. He is a teacher and teachers are altruistic people.

“I’m a big fan of Culvers. That’s a personal favorite.” said Damm.

Principal Kevin O’Rourke gave Damm a tour around town during the interview. The Culvers caught his eye.  Mr. Damm has often displayed his love for Culvers when talking about the Lebanon. Some of his students have said that he jokingly claims that Culvers was a deal-breaker for him choosing Lebanon.

“It’s not just about getting your diploma.  At the end of the year, it’s not over.  That’s (school) is the easy part.” said Damm. “The hard part is getting the job, making the money, buying a house, buying a car, getting all of your ducks in a row afterwards.”

Damm says that his advice to students would be to not feel like the end goal is to graduate.  He says that students should feel excited for life after high school.