Meeting Mckaig

Meeting Mckaig

Emily Jordan and Maddy Summers, Editor and Reporter

Lebanon High School is welcoming a variety of new staff members this year, one of them being a study hall teacher, Michelle Mckaig. Let’s get to know her.

From teaching and costume making to family raising, Mrs. Mckaig does it all. Currently, after some time away, she is working on getting her teaching license again so she can teach math.

“I have my bachelor’s degree in education from Purdue University, but my teaching license has expired because I stayed at home for twenty years raising kids. So while I’m renewing my license, I’m teaching a study hall, which is a non-licensed class,” said Mckaig.

While she does have her own children at home, Mckaig mentioned it isn’t at the heart of why she chose to teach. Having the ability to care for and educate children is something she feels a passion for.

“Their minds can be mended, they’re moldable,” said Mckaig.

No job, especially teaching, is flawless, and there are always plenty of anecdotes found in years of teaching. When asked about her most embarrassing moment, Mrs. Mckaig replied with a shocking memory from her early years of teaching.

“First off, I use my hands a lot while teaching. I popped the middle button of my shirt right in front of the class, and after that day I never wore button down tops to teach again,” said Mckaig.

Inspiration comes in different forms for everyone, from people– real or fictitious–, to animals or insects. Mrs. Mckaig holds a special place in her heart for butterflies, which can be found in all corners of her room, but she says they arent her greatest inspiration.

“Matt Wilson, Rachel Becker, and Jesus Christ, but not in that exact order,” said Mckaig.