The Great Mrs. Stanhope


This year we are welcoming a plethora of new teachers here at LHS. Wyatt and I are honored to introduce Mrs. Stanhope, one of our new math teachers, to the LHS community.

“I always knew this is something I wanted to come back to” Said Mrs. Stanhope

Mrs. Stanhope first got acquainted with teaching when she was in her senior year of college. She taught small supplemental math classes as she was getting her degree to be an insurance actuary and found that she had a love for teaching. She continued onto her career as an actuary, but decided this year to come back to her passion of teaching.

“You can do whatever you want to here” Said Mrs. Stanhope

Out of all the schools Mrs. Stanhope could have gone to, she chose to go to Lebanon. She loves the size and the charm of the town and school. She comes from the small town of Churubusco, Indiana which is why she loves the size of Lebanon as a town, it’s very similar to where she went to high school. She feels like the size makes it so that more of the students and teachers are involved in things like football games and clubs.

“I really do want to see them succeed.” Said Mrs. Stanhope

When you talk to Mrs. Stanhope you can really tell she loves teaching and cares about her students. She is clearly someone who not only wants her students to succeed, but will also do whatever she can to help them succeed. She welcomes students to come in during homeroom, before, and after class. Not only that but she makes sure to check in with every single student she has individually each class to make sure everyone is on track.

“I love Lebanon.” Said Mrs. Stanhope