Meeting Mr. Adkins


Most students and teachers here at LHS know who Marc Adkins is, but do you know where he’s really from or who he really is at his core? Adkins grew up in a small town called North Liberty, Indiana. As he was growing up, he had his heroes right by his side, also known as his parents. One thing that he would have to come to terms with is that he couldn’t stay in his home town for long.

“I had to get out of my small town, I’m not one of those people who can sit on my back porch and watch nature. I had to be doing something,” said Adkins.

Adkins’ college education began at Manchester College, where he would earn his first bachelor’s degree. His second bachelor’s degree would be acquired at IU South Bend. He would finish school at IUPUI, where he would receive his master’s in “Urban Education.”

“Which is perfect for Lebanon,” said Adkins in reference to his master’s degree.

Adkins is very dedicated to his teaching career. He loves seeing his students’ shoulders relax when they finally understand a topic. He gears his questions based on the students ability to build confidence. Adkins has been here at LHS for over 16 years. He says that the loyalty to the school is what has been keeping him here.

“I don’t think I would be doing anything else ” Adkins said when he was questioned about what his occupation would be if he couldn’t be a teacher.

Marc Adkins himself can be labeled as a ‘medical mystery’ to some students. It’s well known in his class that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 20. “This led to me to realize that family is incredibly important,” said Adkins. Beyond that, Mr. Adkins is also lactose intolerant, and was diagnosed with Acid reflux and Celiac disease. Due to this, the COVID-19 pandemic affected him greatly.

When asked what he eats, he jokingly commented, “Water and tic-tacs.”

Adkins absolutely loves tennis, that’s no secret. He talks to tennis players in class; and even talks about how he plays whenever he gets the chance. “I learned patience and to be okay with mistakes,” said Adkins when asked what he learned from tennis. It’s no shock that he used to play in college; and maintained a job while still having a social life on the weekends, and kept up with school work.

“I didn’t do so hot, at all, to my shock,” Adkins told us when asked about how he did in college.

Due to Adkins’s illnesses, he has also taken a liking to cooking. “I look forward to going home after work and being able to cook dinner,” said Adkins. He also shared that if he were to cook with anyone famous, which he didn’t know many famous chefs, he chose Gordon Ramsey. “I’ve been yelled at before; I can take it.” Adkins shared.

When asked for advice Adkins said “Everyday is a gift and you never know what the day will hold”