Welcoming Mr. Wagner to LHS


Lebanon High School is well known for welcoming people with open arms; so it’s no surprise that Zach Wagner felt extremely welcomed at the start of this school year. Mr. Wagner told us, “I felt very welcomed. I was given the materials I needed and everyone’s really helpful,” when asked about how he felt working for LHS.

“I feel like it’s more of a family environment down here as well.” Wagner commented.

Wagner got his degree from Purdue in 2018 where he first found his love for teaching. When asked about why he got into teaching he said “It was always my first love” He loves interacting with the kids and finds it very rewarding. He also has a law society degree and has experience with special education.

 “Patience, it gives me more patience. I’m able to slow things down and work better not just with special education kids but everyone” he says.

But teaching isn’t his only love. He also coaches and loves football and also loves basketball and wrestling. “I mean I’m a sports guy and a force fanatic” Wagner added when questioned if he had any hobbies outside of school.

If he was anything else he would do something with law and government. “I worked for ACS prior to this so probably something in that field If I wasn’t a teacher.” Wagner said.

Having begun his teaching at LHS this year, Wagner felt welcomed, and that everyone has been helpful. He came to Lebanon because of family; specifically, his girlfriend and her children. When asked about what advice he has for new students, Wagner said “Don’t try to be someone else; just be yourself.” So far, Wagner says he’s been having a great year.

“I’m having a blast.” said Wagner.