Finding Your Way on to the Soccer Field


Wyatt Boyett (Senior), Editor

Playing soccer in college is a significant step up from high school and club soccer. Only the best take part in intercollegiate soccer in college, especially for those on top NCAA Division 1 soccer teams.

“Growing up soccer never seemed to be something I was playing competitively, but as I continued to play the sport, I realized where it could take me,” said Junior Altin Emerllahu.

However, the competitiveness is not just limited to the teams that are broadcast on television as only a fraction of youth players ends up playing at any level of college soccer. Even a move to a division 3 soccer squad will be a considerable adjustment from youth soccer. But, the possibility to play in college is super desirable, which a lot comes with the opportunity.

“I follow a lot of different college and professional programs. So, with the start of the season beginning for both levels is super exciting,” said Sophomore Joel Acton.

Some of the big wins that came from the first week of Penn St. against Bucknell was a win to Penn State 4-2. Louisville and Indiana there was a big upset where Louisville beat IU 3-1 in an upset win. Butler beat Western Michigan 2-0. Clemson beat Indiana 3-2.

“I’ve been following a ton of programs for a good while and seeing them grow and change into what they are today is awesome,” said Boys Lebanon Soccer Coach Scott Milam.

The chance to play in college is what a lot of kids dream for. There is nothing more exciting than playing at a level that’s only limit is your ability. With the opportunities to transfer and continue to play at a higher level, the sky is the limit when you go to play in college.

“I’ve played soccer with that big goal in mind, nothing finds more appealing to me than to play at a higher level with kids who are as passionate as me,” said Sophomore Jorge Malagon.