NFL Season Nearing Kickoff

NFL Season Nearing Kickoff

Gavin Haines, Editor

The NFL season is just around the corner with many changes to teams throughout the off-season, along with teams finalizing rosters for the year. Each squad narrows it down to a 53-man roster each year, leaving players to free agency or on the practice squad.

“I’m really excited to see what the Colts do this year with the moves they made during the off-season, I have very high hopes for Matt Ryan and Johnathan Taylor this season,” said Junior Corbin Wells.

The front-runner for the SuperBowl this year is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills added a huge asset in All-Pro linebacker Von Miller, along with being the front runners to land superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

“The Bills had a very successful season last year but were cut short when they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. Superstar quarterback Josh Allen is in command again this year so they have a good chance in my eyes,” said Senior Aiden Frost.

The NFL is sticking with the 17-game schedule again this year adding an extra game making the push for the title that much harder. Kickoff is scheduled for Thursday September 8, 2022 with the defending champs LA Rams taking on the hungry Buffalo Bills for an exciting Thursday night matchup.

“I’m a big fan of the extra game, I think it adds a whole new challenge to the season with the rosters and coaching strategies,” said Sophomore Jack Ferrell.

This year’s Thanksgiving kickoff features the Detroit Lions taking on the Buffalo Bills. The second game is an instant classic matchup with the N.Y. Giants facing off against America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. The final game of the night is a bout between two tough nosed teams, Bill Belichick’s Patriots vs. Kevin O’Connell’s Vikings.

“Every year I’m excited for the Thanksgiving games, it’s a different feeling being with family and watching some good football,” said Senior Cayman Huntsman.