School Food No Longer Free


Katie Smith, Reporter

The new school year has only just begun and there are already some issues at hand. All students last year got free breakfast and lunch. Although, this year breakfast and lunch are no longer free for all students.


Most Lebanon High School Students said that school lunch not being free doesn’t really affect them because they either bring their own lunch or just pay the $3.30 for their lunch.


“Paying for a lunch where you get half a portion of food that leaves you hungry an hour after is a waste,” said sophomore Hayley Vega.


Most of the Lebanon High School students don’t get the amount of food they need to be full for the rest of the day.


“Free lunches are extremely beneficial. It is easier to be able to get a good amount of food without spending more money to get the food amount that will actually keep you full,” said sophomore Lauren Smith.


Most students get extra fries or chips with their meals, which means the food given for that $3.30 is not enough for the students.


“School lunches should become better, or cheaper, because $3.30 is too much for the little servings we get,” said junior Aydan Wetter.