MLB Season Update 2022


Jacob Susong (Junior), Editor

This year’s Major League Baseball season has been an interesting one to say the least.  Blockbuster trades, tight playoff races, and unexpected powerhouses have made this season a special one.

“It’s crazy how many teams there are who have a chance of making the playoffs this late into the season,” said senior Cayman Huntsman.

As of right now, the division leaders are the Mets, Cardinals, and Dodgers from the National League, and the Yankees, Guardians, and Astros from the American League.  The Dodgers currently have the best record in the league at 86-37.

“The Dodgers are just a powerhouse year in and year out.  They sign new superstars every year.  I think they have the best shot at winning the World Series,” said senior Cannon Morton.

If the season ended today, the three Wild Card teams in the National League would be the Atlanta Braves, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the San Diego Padres. A Wild Card team is a team who failed to win their own division, but still has a good enough record to make the playoffs.

“I think that the National League is the stronger of the two for sure.  If you just look at their Wild Card teams, you can tell they are deeper throughout,” said senior Aiden Frost.

In the American League, the three Wild Card teams would be the Tampa Bay Rays, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Seattle Mariners.  These are three solid teams who could end up making a post season run.

As far as trades go, the biggest blockbuster of the summer was when the Washington Nationals traded superstar Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres.  In return, the Nationals received quite a few top prospects from the Padres organization.

“That trade really surprised me,” said Frost. “I figured he would’ve been traded to a larger market team like the Yankees or the Dodgers.”

Overall, this year has been shaping up for a great postseason. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.