Week 1 of Conference Play for Football

Week 1 of Conference Play for Football

Eli Bridges, Reporter

Lebanon and Danville face off in the first week of conference play for football, around the state this Friday.

Last year Lebanon was missing quite a few starters due to covid and injuries. Jackson Houghton and Eli Bridges were missing from the O-line. Jake Burns and Carson Toole were missing from the defensive secondary. While having a great team, missing just a few pieces can cause the team to crumble. With just dressing 25 guys for a game (most of them being JV players), this means that many guys are going to play both defense and offense.

When I went to Sophomore football player Colin Fouts about last year’s game, he said “I really felt like we put up a good fight, considering that we dressed less than 25 players for the game.”

For Lebanon to go out this week and get a win will be huge. Last year Danville won conference, so they are defending that this season. What will it take for Lebanon to get the win?

Well, last year at Lebanon’s Head Coach Jeff Smock’s post-game interview, he said “It’s all about mental discipline, execution, and focus…” And this is something the team has been focusing on this week. Just being disciplined, focused and executing what needs to be done.

The Lebanon student section has been a big part of the LHS sports. Since 2017 our student section has won the WTHR-TV Spirit Award twice. In 2017 and 2019.

When I spoke with Senior Student Section Leader Evan Wright he said “I am excited to see what we do. I know last year we were missing a lot of guys, and I think it will be on the student section to bring some support this week.”