Challenge Yourself!


Megan Poppe (Junior), Reporter

Lebanon High School offers a wide variety of classes, ranging across different fields. We have classes for agriculture, for medical professions, world language, and many more. As well as normal classes, LHS also offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The kids that take these classes tend to strive for success more than others, but have you ever wondered why they take these classes?

Why do these kids bombard themselves with schoolwork? How are they able to stay academically on top with all the school-work? Most AP classes are meant to prepare you for college, and due to this, the workload is extreme sometimes. Talking to some of the kids that have been enrolled in these courses allows us to learn about the class before deciding to take it.

Gabby Deakins, a junior, stated, “The level of experience that I’m getting from these classes and the leg up it can potentially give me for college,” when asked what motivates her to stay in AP classes.

“The hardest right now is AP US History (APUSH) because I’ve never really had a knack for history.” Gabby replied when asked what her hardest AP class was.

Another kid interviewed was Davohn Ziesmer, a senior. When asked what motivates him, he said “Hanging out with my friends during class,” and he let us know that AP Chemistry is the hardest in his opinion.

The last two interviewed were two juniors. One was newer to AP classes while the other has been in them for a while. Summer Richardson, a junior, said “Pushing myself to learn new things and help set up a good future for myself is my motivation,” and Ava Lehmkuhler, a junior, said “The higher GPA and getting college credits motivate me.”

Both of them agreed and said that AP Literature is the hardest. “Tough, but rewarding.” Ava said, while Summer said, “AP Literature because Ms. Becker really pushes you to keep achieving new things.”