Weight Room Update

Weight Room Update

Jacob Susong (Senior), Editor

The weight room is a great opportunity for athletes at LHS to improve their strength, power, speed, and flexibility.  Coach Rodgers is offering an after school guided lift for any athlete from 3-4pm Monday through Thursday.

“I’ve enjoyed the guided lifts after school.  They’ve given me the opportunity to learn how to lift more effectively, along with getting stronger in the process.” Said sophomore Ava Susong.

As far as weights class, many students at LHS have good things to say.

“I’ve been enjoying the class a lot.  It has been super beneficial for me, especially for my strength.” Said senior Ethan Coffman.

Many students here at LHS have spoken about the positives the weight room has brought them.  Many say that working out not only helps them physically, but also mentally.

“Lifting not only makes me stronger physically, but also mentally.  On days where I don’t work out, I feel super grumpy.  When I work out it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I feel much better after a workout.” Said senior Grant Krulik.

Others have commented on how Coach Rodgers has helped them along their fitness journey.  They say that Rodgers has done a great job of not only giving them workouts, but explaining to them why they are beneficial to do.

“He’s really done a great job of guiding me and helping me to get stronger.  Our previous weights coaches have done a good job, but he seems to care just a little bit more.” Said senior Cannon Morton.

If you are looking to improve yourself in any particular sport, the weight room is a great start.  The strength that you build will give you the ability to perform better at whatever it is you do.