DECA Overview

DECA Overview

Connor Smith , Reporter

DECA seems to be one of the clubs at LHS that is more mysterious than others as to what they are all about.

“It’s a business organization used to grow leaders in a variety of fields, business particularly of course,” said Club sponsor Mr. Joris

At its core DECA is a business club based off of getting students out of their comfort zones to further their social skills.  Students learn how to confidently publicly speak and present in front of hundreds of other people.  The skills that are developed in DECA are not only ones no other club can offer, but are also ones that will absolutely be needed in future parts of students’ lives.

“Advancing in competition is basic success, but everyone in DECA Finds their own level of success,” said Mr. Joris

DECA is like most other clubs where competitions measure the success of those who participate, but what sets DECA apart is the personal progression of students.  Success in DECA is different for every single student, the students who put more effort in always get more out.  The progression of each student in DECA is what is most important.

“DECA’s core values all align with trying to build leaders, not only in business but also in the community,” said Senior Benjamin Waskom

DECA is designed to create leaders out of students who never thought they would be leaders.  They value making students into role models not only for the other people in DECA, but for students all across the school.

“I love getting to do the competition… my partner and I didn’t make it to internationals which was unfortunate but we are going to practice more often and try again this year,” said Benjamin Waskom

The students involved in DECA clearly love getting to compete and look forward to it every year.  DECA gives students the motivation to improve themselves even when they don’t do as well as they aim to.  The members of DECA are passionate about what they do and that is the driving force for them to improve.

“The best part of DECA is working with students and getting to watch them grow,” said Mr. Joris