Part-Time Jobs

Part-Time Jobs

Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

According to, places like Aldis, Menards, AutoZone, and Parkys Smokehouse, are all hiring Part-Time employees aged 16+ right now. At the top of the pay scale is Aldis and Menards, both starting at $16 an hour. $11 an hour at AutoZone, and $10-$13 an hour at Parkys.

“Being able to relax, and work at my own pace. Also, not very many managers are here in the evening, so we can’t really get in a ton of trouble for having a little bit of fun.” Said Menards Team Member Clay Williams. One of the negatives Williams talked about when talking about working at Menards is if you have something come up last minute, you will most likely receive 3 points for having to call off.

“The people at the job were nice, I just didn’t feel like I belonged. I felt I was just thrown into the job with no training.” Said Senior Jackson Houghton. One of the negative Houghton pointed out was the pay. He said he was only making $10 an hour.

Unfortunately, I could not find people who are part-time high school employees at AutoZone, or Aldis.

Everyone does not work though. So, what do those kids do… sports, go home, hangout with friends?

Well, I asked 30 LHS kids what they do when school gets out. I gave them a few options. Go to a sports practice, go home, or go to work.

60% of LHS students go to sports after school, 20% go home after school, and 20% go hangout after school. Also, some good places to work a part-time job maybe Menards, Aldis, AutoZone, or Parkys Smokehouse.