Parking Lot Mania


Katie Smith , Reporter

The parking lot after school is what most would call a nightmare. There are over 200 teenage drivers quickly crowding the four exits out of the parking lot.

“I am always super bored because I sit and wait for all the cars to get out of the parking lot,” said senior Rachel Kersey.

Being bored in general is annoying. Even more so after being bored all day at school and proceeding out to your car just to sit for another 10 minutes waiting to get home pushes many people over the edge.

“Even after speed walking to my car after school I still have troubles beating the lines that form out of the parking lot at the stop signs,” said senior Caden Sunsdahl.

The biggest issue is that no matter how you try to beat the lines it is virtually impossible because there are always going to be people beating you out to their cars. There are so many lines you have to get around between getting out of the parking lot and through every single stop sign.

“We have tried to do a couple of things to fix the car pile ups and nothing really seems to work because we need more roads out but there is no space to build them,” said School Resource Officer Kevin Elliott.

There really isn’t much the school can do to help with the after-school traffic. The only thing is to stay calm and practice patience when leaving school.

“It’s super easy,” said Kailyn Komerzka.