What You Should Know About Homecoming

What You Should Know About Homecoming

Maddy Summers (Senior), Editor

The week-long event is starting Monday and there’s a lot to go over. 

“I’ve never been to Homecoming before, but I would really like to go. I know there’s a lot involved but I’m not sure about the specifics,” said senior Trevon Bell.

Homecoming is an annual tradition filled with festivities to welcome everybody back for the new school year. This occasion started at LHS prior to 1947, but took a break for twenty-four years before returning in the fall of 1971, and we’ve had it ever since. 

“I went to Homecoming last year and it was fun, but my favorite thing about Homecoming week are the dress up days,” said senior Ben Jackson.

Each year there are daily themes, a trike race, a pep rally, a football game, a parade, and of course, the dance. This year, Monday is trike day, so towards the end of the school day the race will take place, and students are encouraged to wear their shirts that were chosen in their homeroom. Tuesday is tacky tourist, Wednesday is Adam Sandler inspired, Thursday is little miss/mr, Friday is school colors, along with the pep rally towards the end of the school day, the football game and parade in the evening, where students from each class will present their float. Then Saturday, of course, is the dance and the Homecoming court king and queen will be announced.

For the dance, it’s going to be in the auxiliary gym, and there are going to be decorations, music, snacks, and partying. There is a formal dress code, so primarily dresses (usually shorter instead of longer), skirts, suits, slacks, dress pants/shirts, and no sneakers. Tickets for the dance are being sold from September 19th-23rd before and after school outside student services, and at all lunches by the cafeteria. 

“My experience at Homecoming last year was really good, and I can’t wait for this year’s,” said senior Aaliyah Thatcher.