Structure of the Student Section

Structure of the Student Section

Megan Poppe, Reporter

Friday nights – they’re notorious for football games throughout the fall, but they’re also known for the loud, insane student sections each highschool has. As well as the crazy themes each student section has.

The themes vary each year and are dependent on the student section leaders. “All of the student section leaders had a meeting during homeroom one day, and we mostly used a mix of last year’s football and basketball themes,” said Alexandria Barr.

A couple years ago, a very popular theme was taken away – Hawaiian. “We didn’t do Hawaiian this year because we felt like more people would be able to do neon, so it would be more inclusive,” Alexandria said.

“Obviously black and gold was going to be the first game and homecoming, then the others were decided off of previous years,” she said.

Asking kids for their opinions on this decision: a junior, Gabby Deakins said, “I love the themes and seeing how everyone goes all out for them.”

She also said, “I think adding white out or a toga theme would be cool to add!”

Juniors this year should start thinking about what themes we would want next year for basketball and football; as well as starting to show up to the games and joining the student section. Ava Lehmkuhler, another junior said, “I love all the themes for football, and I have a whole list of easy and inclusive themes!”

Showing up to the games and following the theme a lot will give you a higher chance at being able to become a student section leader, and make the decisions on what themes we should have!

She also said, “I want to get rid of themes like the superhero theme that can be more difficult to participate in.”

If you weren’t able to make it to football games, don’t worry. There’s plenty of games and themes to participate in during basketball season in the winter. So come out and show your tiger pride!