Marching Band Community Performance

Marching Band Community Performance

Katie Smith , Reporter

The Lebanon High School Marching Band held a community performance on September 21st on the football field. They performed their show that won 3rd on State Fair Band Day.

“I really enjoy the band’s ability to have fun yet productive work ethic,” said senior Ben Wilk.

Marching Band is a group of instrumental musicians who perform while marching. They move all different directions while playing a memorized piece of music. Which takes a lot of productive hard work.

“My favorite thing about Tigerettes is that it gives me something to do when I am bored at home,” said senior Rachel Kersey.

Most Marching Bands also have a Color Guard which is a group of dancers that will perform with flags, wooden sabers, wooden riffles and sometimes even batons.  These create a colorful visual appearance.

“My favorite thing about being a Tigerette is the bonds we make,” said senior Olivia White.

Our Marching band is one big family. You can almost find them all together bonding with one another and always having a good time.

“We are all here to have fun and perform to our best ability,” said senior Ben Wilk.