Mrs. Livesay is Back!

Megan Poppe , Reporter

Have you met Mrs. Livesay? Some of her students haven’t gotten the chance due to her being out on maternity leave. When asked how her summer went, she said, “It went great! It was very exciting to welcome the third boy to the family.”

Beckett, the newest family member, was born on July 6th, 2022. He joins his two brothers, Everett and Elliott. Mrs. Livesay has mixed emotions on coming back. A part of her absolutely adores her family and wants to be with them all the time; but another part of her loves the teaching aspect of her life and interacting with her students as well.

“You could imagine how I was on Sunday before I came back. I was like, he’s just going to think I’m leaving him, and it made me so sad.” said Mrs. Livesay.

Since she was on maternity leave at the beginning of the school year, so Ms. Molly Murphy substituted for her while she was away.

“It was almost like being the new kid at school. I came back and they already were working on stuff that I just had to jump straight into. Kind of like a fish out of water.” Mrs. Livesay said when asked how it was coming back to school so close to the end of the first nine weeks.

“I feel for my students. I’m sure it’s as weird for them as it is for me. They were used to another teacher, and now I’m back. So, it’s a change for them too,” she said.

Eli Bridges, a junior, who hadn’t met Mrs. Livesay until this week said, “It’s definitely weird to have a different teacher suddenly. We all knew she was coming back, but it’s just a change in the class everyone has to get used to. She’s nice though,” when asked how he felt about the change in teachers.

It’s nice to know that Mrs. Livesay is doing well, as well as her baby boy, Beckett. We hope she has a good rest of the school year!