Picasso’s of Lebanon


Maddy Summers (Senior), Editor

You know that bridge overpass over on 32? Well, it’s featuring Lebanon High’s very own art teacher Mrs. Trafford and her husband’s mural artwork to welcome everyone into the town we call home.

“It’s a whole, ‘Welcome to Lebanon,’ ‘This is Home,’ like so many elements that are going into it. And one of our goals is to spread art within our community and grow the love of art in our youth, and impact other people by it,” said Mrs. Trafford.

Since December there have been several meetings, designs, sketches, and ideas to get this mural exactly as planned and wanted. After getting work traced and set up, last month they began painting.

“We’ve been partnering with the city and seeing what we can do, what walls are available and working out designs. For this project he worked with the historical society of Lebanon and tried to adhere to some of the color palette they already have going on,” said Trafford.

With Mrs. Trafford being a full time teacher at our school, Mr. Trafford does the main groundwork while she provides ideas and her opinions, and then also helps paint and make sure everything is being made the way they want but also fitting with the theme.

“Everything he designs is on his iPad, and I’m just kind of there and he asks me questions like, ‘what does this look like? How does this look to you? Here’s this option, here’s this option’ and I just give him some feedback and we kind of bounce ideas off of each other,” said Trafford.

The jack of all trades couple has been doing art their whole lives. Her husband has been doing major artwork in places like indoor laser tag and mini golf places, and the murals for about three and half years. The two of them have taken major but thoughtful steps in their art careers and they do a lot more than the murals. Mrs. Trafford is also a photographer, and her husband does logo designs and marketing, pushing their careers and wanting to inspire those around them, especially those wanting to pursue art.

“Go for it. Just do it and no barriers. If you dream it, then you can find any avenue that you can do it. So if that means you’re working another job at the same time as pursuing your dreams, do anything and everything to grow your skills. Stay up with the current things but also hold true to a lot of the foundational aspects of what brought us art to begin with, but go for it,” said Trafford.