NFL Concussion Concerns

NFL Concussion Concerns

Jacob Susong (Senior), Editor

The Dolphins vs Bengals matchup on September 29th had a larger impact on the game than anticipated.  Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was sacked about half way through the second quarter.  The sack resulted in him slamming the back of his helmet on the turf.  He would shortly after be carted off and taken to the hospital.

“It was a scary scene.  You never want to see that happen to a player.” Said sophomore Dax Frost.

In the week prior, Tagovailoa suffered a similar head injury.  After standing up, he began walking back to the huddle.  After a few steps however, he began stumbling uncontrollably.  He would leave the game, but was then cleared from concussion protocol.  This led to many people questioning if he was truly ready to play or not.

“After the hit against the Bills I thought he would be out for at least a few weeks.  It looked like a definite concussion.” Said senior Cayman Huntsman.

The Dolphins medical staff was under heavy fire after the Dolphins quarterback had to be carted off against the Bengals.  The NFL has made it one of its main priorities to keep players as safe as possible.  There have been rules put in place to increase player safety, especially in the head and neck region.  The situation in Miami however gives the league a bad look.

“The number of precautions and rules that the NFL has put in place to keep players safe has been great.  It really makes people scratch their heads when something like this happens to a player after creating all of this awareness about it.” Said senior Korbyn Sloggett.

Tagovailoa has yet to return to the playing field but is said to have been making steady progress.