Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Ian Kincade


Maddy Summers (Senior), Editor

Who is Ian Kincade? Ian is a freshman here at Lebanon High School, and is kicking off the year by being on the school’s tennis team, and living his life carefree.

“I play a lot of video games. My favorite one is Rainbow Six. I’m also on the school’s tennis team, and I plan to do it throughout high school,” said freshman Ian Kincade. 

Even though he is still getting used to high school, this year has been easy and going smoothly for him. He enjoys his classes, making friends, listening to music, and simply staying in.

“My favorite artist is Juice WRLD, and my favorite songs are ‘Stay High’ and ‘Hate the Other Side’. I mostly listen to rap,” said Kincade.

Some fun facts:

  • Ian has a twin brother, his name is Owen.
  • He is not a fan of soccer.
  • His favorite class is engineering.
  • He does not like pasta.

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