The World of Lunch Duty


Emily Jordan , Reporter

As all students know, there are usually a few teachers around the cafeteria and in the commons, but the majority of them don’t know how their lunch duties work.

“I would say that the general consensus is that everyone hates it,” said Kari Holloman.

At LHS, there are two teachers in the cafeteria, who rotate over a 6-week period. There is also one administrator in the commons area.

“This isn’t at all how it was at my old school, us teachers didn’t have lunch duty,” said Holloman.

Finding alternatives for duty-free lunches for teachers is something that Mr. Scott Stippich feels passionately about.

“I’ve never been used to not having a prep period during lunch,” said Stippich.

While there aren’t many options for lunch duties, at other schools they use their administrators to give teachers a prep period they may not have otherwise.

“At my other schools, the administrators came down for lunch duty and we had it as a prep period,” said Stippich.